Judging Anyway

Have you ever seen something that forces you to go against an axiom? I saw something this weekend that stopped me in my tracks. I was leaving the library after …

WTF?! is the New Huh?! Part 1

I can’t even begin to keep up with the sheer volume of things to write about. The news is overwhelming. Every half an hour is a new batch of I-can’t-believe-this-WTF?! …

Happy Friday the 13th…2017

I love Friday the 13th. Two main reasons: one being that most other holiday/notable days have been over commercialized and turned in something less than their intended meaning.(I’m looking at you …

Helen Reddy Voodoo 2

I was trying to find the video where Helen Reddy was singing Angie Baby. I didn’t want a version where she was singing  in a live setting. Just when I …

Helen Reddy Voodoo

Before I set down to write this post, I have been reflecting on  A variety of thoughts. The one I decided to go with his about the song that’s been …

Sunday Treasures #1

I am experimenting with something that happened to me today that I would like to share. On my way to meet with private clients today, I was thinking about some …

Hawkeye – Part 2

This is a follow up to my post of a couple of days ago about a phone with the ability to track eye movement. After I finished laughing about the …

Basic Math vs. Stupid Cash Register

I love it when during the course of a normal day the blog post writes itself. I went to the 99 Cents store during lunch. I bought 15 items that …

Hawkeye – Part I

Today’s blog post jumped out at me without too much fuss. A company called ZTE asked its customers what they want. Long story short they came up with the most …

Shopping Karma

Like many males, I hate to shop. Likewise, I leave out the most important part… I hate to shop for things that don’t interest me with someone who is interested …

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